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Welcome to the Just Dogs Grooming School!

Our mission is to provide students and professional groomers with a strong foundation that will lead them to competence in dog grooming and ultimately a professional standard. Whether you are starting off in a small way on your own or working as a trainee assistant, we believe that training is essential to your success. Our goal is to help you gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to excel in dog grooming. With our practical and fun approach to learning, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals in the industry.

Owner + Trainer

When it comes to dog grooming, Julie Gunning is an expert with over 22 years of experience in the field. Trained in the UK back in 2001, Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to her work, ensuring that every dog that comes through her salon receives top-quality grooming services.

As the owner and operator of "Just Dogs" in Rokeby, Julie is dedicated to providing her clients with excellent customer service and exceptional grooming results. Her salon is equipped with the latest grooming tools and techniques, creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Julie's commitment to excellence is reflected in her qualifications. She holds an International recognised City & Guild Advanced Level 3 in Professional Dog Grooming and is also PTLLS qualified in teaching. Additionally, she has a diploma in Dog behaviourist, highlighting her expertise in understanding canine behaviour and needs.

With all of this experience and knowledge, Julie is now eager to pass on her skills and expertise through her grooming school. For anyone looking to enter the world of dog grooming or improve their existing skills, Julie's grooming school can offer valuable training and education. Whether you're a dog lover looking to turn your passion into a career or a grooming professional seeking advanced training, Julie will provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed.


Meet Julie Gunning

Grooming School

Welcome to Just Dogs Grooming School!
At our school, we aim to provide the highest quality education and hands-on training to aspiring dog groomers. Led by Julie Gunning who is passionate about grooming, our courses are designed to accommodate all levels of experience — from novices just starting out, to experienced groomers looking to refine their skills and learn new techniques. We believe in providing a professional, yet relaxed learning environment and strive to create a positive, supportive community of learners.
Our modules cover a wide range of topics, including breed-specific grooming techniques, dog anatomy and health, handling and safety, and more. With a focus on practical, hands-on training, our students gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in this exciting industry. Whether you're a dog lover seeking a rewarding career in dog grooming, or simply looking to improve your grooming skills, we have a course for you. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step on your path to becoming a skilled dog groomer.

Module 1

Bathing & Drying

In this module, we'll cover the essential skills and knowledge required to give a dog a safe and effective bath and drying process that is key to the grooming process.
We'll start by discussing the importance of bathing and drying in the grooming process, getting that right, and you're on the way to having a good coat to groom. You'll learn about different coat types, such as double coats and matted coats, and how to effectively wash and dry them.
We'll cover the basics of fluff drying and proper handling techniques for nervous and problem dogs, ensuring the grooming process is calm and relaxed for the dog and groomer. You'll learn about different shampoos, bathing techniques, and how to rinse the dog correctly to ensure a clean and healthy coat.
By mastering these skills, you'll be able to ensure that each dog you care for receives a safe, effective, and comfortable bathing and drying experience. This means that the dog will be happy and healthy, and their coat will be in excellent condition for the grooming process.

4 hours  |  $200.00

Module 2

Dog Handling, Behavior & Body Language

In this module, we'll cover the essential skills and knowledge required for safe and effective handling of dogs.
We'll start by discussing dog behaviour and body language so that you can better understand how dogs communicate with us. This knowledge will help you to recognise and respond appropriately to the dog's needs, reducing stress levels for both you and the dog.
We'll also cover techniques for calming and handling nervous dogs, those with behavioural issues, and even aggressive dogs in a safe and professional manner. You'll develop confidence in your handling skills, ensuring a positive experience for both you and the dog.
By completing this module, you'll be better equipped to work with a wide range of dogs, and provide a safer and more enjoyable grooming experience for everyone involved. 

4 hours  |  $200.00

Module 3

Foundation Nails & Pads

In this module, we'll cover the foundational skills for keeping a dog's nails and pads healthy and well-maintained.
We'll start by discussing the importance of setting up a good routine for cleaning and plucking ears, depending on the breed. This knowledge will help you develop a routine that promotes good ear health and ensure the dog is comfortable throughout the process.
We'll then move on to learning the skills required for trimming nails and maintaining healthy paw pads. You'll learn how to trim nails without causing discomfort or injuring the dog's paws and also how to recognise signs of discomfort or pain.
By mastering these skills and getting your foundation right, you'll be able to identify early signs of issues with nails and pads, allowing you to take corrective action before serious problems arise.

4 hours  |  $200.00

Module 4

Breed Specific Grooming

In this module, we'll cover your choice of the breed you bring to training on the day. Terriers, Schnauzers, West Highland Terriers, Bichons, Poodles, Groodles, Labradoodles, Cairn Terriers, Shih Tzus, Labradors, Springers, Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels and many more. By the end of this module, you'll have an understanding of the specific grooming needs and coat care requirements for each breed you work with, ensuring you provide the appropriate care for each individual dog.


We'll start by discussing the key differences in coat types and coat care requirements. You will learn effective techniques for deshedding, dematting, and detangling fur. Then we'll move on to breed-specific cuts and styles. You will learn scissoring techniques and clipper work, for each breed, and the tools required for each breed.


With breed-specific grooming techniques, you'll be able to meet the specific needs of the breed you work with. You'll also be able to provide the right types of haircuts and shave styles, enhancing the dog's natural beauty and individuality.


By mastering breed-specific grooming techniques, you'll stand out from the competition as a committed and knowledgeable groomer with a reputation for delivering quality work.

4 hours  |  $200.00

Module 5

Skeleton & Nails

In this module, we'll cover the significance of dog's nails regarding their joint health and mobility. You'll learn about the connection between the dog's nails and their joints, gaining an understanding of how problems with one can indicate issues with the other.


You'll learn how to identify common symptoms like limping, stiffness, or difficulty standing up or moving, which can be related to joint and nail issues.


Through this module, you’ll learn about pressure points while standing that are related to these issues. You'll learn how to handle these pressure points properly to prevent discomfort or injury to the dog. These skills will be instrumental in ensuring that the dog is comfortable during grooming, while still allowing for thorough and effective nail care.


By mastering these skills, you'll be able to identify potential joint issues during your grooming sessions, providing valuable information to the dog's owner and referring them to a veterinarian for additional care.

4 hours  |  $200.00

Module 6

Drying & Blading

In this module, you'll learn about the critical role of proper drying techniques and equipment, as well as effective blading methods that make grooming more efficient.
You'll gain a foundational understanding of how drying techniques not only impact the final appearance of the dog but also help to speed up the process. You'll learn about different types of drying methods, including air and handheld dryers, and when to use each method to achieve the best results while being mindful of the dog's wellbeing.
Blading, which is the removal of excess fur with special clippers, is an essential part of grooming. You'll learn about the various types of blades used in dog grooming, including how they differ, how to handle them properly, and the correct techniques to use to groom multiple coat types effectively.
One of the key takeaways in this module is that good drying techniques save time during the grooming process. You'll also learn why it is crucial to invest in good equipment, such as high-quality blades, that ensure both efficiency and results. By mastering these techniques, you'll note a significant increase in the efficiency of your grooming services, allowing you to take on more clients with ease.

4 hours  |  $200.00

Module 7

Blades, Combs, Equipment & Tools

In this module, we'll cover the essential tools and equipment you'll need to become a professional dog groomer.


We'll begin by talking about combs and brushes that are essential tools that are used to detangle and groom the coats of different dogs. You'll learn the different types of combs and brushes, which are better suited for different coat types and how to use them to achieve the best results. Additionally, you'll learn about shedding aids, which are crucial for controlling the shedding of furry pets.


The module will also teach you how to balance and clean your blades, an essential part of maintaining your grooming equipment, which ensures longevity and efficiency. You'll learn how to identify different blade sizes, their uses, and the reason behind reverse blading.


This module will also cover comb extensions which can be used in grooming to enhance the accuracy when working with different coat types. You will get to learn how to select and use comb extensions in your grooming process, ensuring that you deliver the best results to your furry clients.


Finally, you'll learn about scissors, which are an essential tool in dog grooming. You will get to learn about the different types of scissors available, including straight, curved, and thinners, and when you should use them while grooming. Additionally, we'll cover other critical tools, including brushes and nail clippers which are essentials that help complete all dog grooming sessions.


By completing this module, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the various tools and equipment required to become an expert dog groomer. You will learn how each tool and piece of equipment is used during the grooming process, giving you the skills required to provide your furry clients with excellent grooming services.

4 hours  |  $200.00

Module 8

Drying Face Body & Feet

In this module, you'll learn about the proper techniques of drying dogs and the importance of identifying issues while drying them.


You'll also learn why it's crucial to pay attention to dry feet, skin, and coat after grooming. You'll begin by learning the right techniques for drying a dog's face, body, and feet. You will learn the ideal tools to use and how to use them, including towels, hair dryers, and other equipment. You will also learn the importance of being gentle, as well as when to remove excess water from the coat to ensure that the dog remains comfortable throughout the drying process.


As you learn how to spot problems while drying dogs, you'll be better equipped to identify any issues that could potentially harm your furry clients. We'll also teach you how to communicate with pet owners when you notice any anomalies or problems during the drying process.


In this module, we'll also emphasise the importance of a dry coat, feet, and skin in ensuring your furry clients remain healthy and happy. Teaching you how to identify any problem areas, such as damp fur or feet, will help you avoid potential bacterial growth and any other issues that could result in further complications.


Finally, the course will teach you how to recognise the importance of a coat's texture and moisture content and how it impacts the drying, grooming and comfortability of the dog.


Upon completion of the Drying Face, Body, and Feet module, you will understand the importance of drying techniques, learning how to identify any issues that could potentially harm dogs. Additionally, you will be more knowledgeable about the importance of dry feet, skin, and coat to avoid any health complications.

4 hours  |  $200.00

Level up your salon's grooming game with on-site dog grooming school!

Julie will come to your own grooming salon to provide personalised training and support. Whether you need help developing your techniques, improving your customer service, or managing your business operations, Julie is here to help. With her flexible scheduling and customised approach, she make it easy for you to get the training you need in a way that works for you. Contact Julie today to learn more about this valuable service!



1. What is the Just Dogs Grooming School?

The Just Dogs Grooming School is a course facilitated by Julie Gunning designed to provide professional dog grooming training to both aspiring and experienced groomers. The school is open on the first and third Sunday of each month, from 10am to 4pm.


2. Where is the Just Dogs Grooming School located?

The Just Dogs Grooming School is located at Just Dogs 27 South Arm Road, Rokeby 7019. It's easy to get to, with ample parking facilities available on-site.


3. Do I need my own grooming equipment for the classes?

If you are already a groomer, we recommend that you bring your own equipment. It should be up to grooming standards and in good condition. However, if you are new to grooming and have yet to acquire grooming tools, we will provide them for you.


4. Can I bring my own dog to the grooming school?

Yes, you are encouraged to bring your own breed of dog that you need help with. This allows you to practice your skills on a familiar pet in a comfortable environment.


5. Are there any amenities available at the grooming school?

Yes, toilet facilities and coffee/tea making facilities are available on-site for your convenience.


6. What should I wear to the grooming school?

We recommend that you wear jeans or light trousers, comfortable trainers, and a grooming top that is easy to move in. This will ensure maximum comfort and mobility during the classes.

7. Do I have to complete each module or can I just select which ones I want?

You can mix and match whatever module you would like


We hope these FAQs have answered some of your questions about our grooming school. If you have any further questions, please contact Julie.

Contact Us


27 South Arm Road

Rokeby TAS 7019


Training Hours



1st & 3rd Sunday every month

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